Pool Dreams Staff Rules


1. If you want to be a TD in Pooldreams please put App in and answer the questions. We will not approve blank Apps.


2. If you want to be a TD here, think first about how you want to support league and how much time you have to host.
If you don’t have time or issues with hosting please contact an Admin and let them know.


3. Our Staff represent our league.  So be helpful and friendly.


4. Tourney Seeds: Singles and Doubles RANDOM, Swiss’s and True-Swiss’s RATING.


5. Timer in Regular Games: 5 min
Timer in Finals: 7 min


6. Hanging 8: Double bank/Qball


7. Spammings and Caps: Please only use Caps for League and Tourney related things.  Don’t use too much caps.  Spam your tourney after TD before closed his/hers.